Information about Bret Hart

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Relatives in Wrestling: Stu Hart-Father. Many brothers, the most famous being Owen who is a former King of the Ring and two time Tag Team Champion who has beaten Bret before. "British Bulldog" Davey Boy Smith, brother-in-law who has long rivaled with Bret. He is a former Tag Team and Intercontinental Champion. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, brother-in-law, a two time former tag teanm champion with Bret.

Bret has never wrestled in the WCW, probably because of all the success he has found in the WWF. He is, as many know, a two time former tag team and intercontinental champion, and a 3 time former world champion. He has also co-won the Royal Rumble (he tied with Lex Luger) and was the first King of the Ring winner.

Title Won-WWF Tag Team Titles W/ Jim Neidhart as the Hart Foundation. In 1987, The Hart Foundation's then manager, Jimmy Hart, paid off referee Danny Davis and his team was able to defeat the British Bulldogs to win their first Tag Team Championship.

Title Won-WWF Tag Team Titles W/ Jim Neidhart as the Hart Foundation. About two years after the Hart Foundation dumped Jimmy Hart, they were finally able to have the gold again. In one of my favorite tag team matches, Bret and Jim defeated Demolition in a two out of three falls match at Summerslam '90. Demolition had three members to their team, Ax, Smash, and Crush, and chose Crush and Smash to defend the titles. When Ax tried to switch places with Smash late in the match the Legion of Doom came down and distracted Demolition and allowing the Hart Foundation to get the third and final fall.

Title Won-WWF Intercontinental Championship. Summerslam '91 was the site of Bret's first singles title. In a much hyped match, Bret Hart made Mr. Perfect submit to the Sharpshooter to win the strap.

Title Won-WWF Intercontinental Championship. At Wrestlemania 8, Bret had to fight his good friend "Rowdy" Roddy Piper to capture gold. In a thrilling match which saw Bret bleed, Piper threatened to use the bell while the ref was out, but changed his mind. He probably should have because as soon as he got "The excellence of execution" in his sleeper hold, Bret turned it into a pinning maneuver, and became a two time I-C Champion.

Title Won-WWF World Championship. In a non-televised match, Bret got a rare title shot against champion Ric Flair. He wouldn't waste the opportunity as after a grueling 27 minute battle he would become the best in the world.

Title Won-WWF World Championship. After losing to his brother Owen earlier in the evening and hurting his knee, Bret had to come back to face the 568 lb. Yokozuna that had taken the world title from him a year earlier. With Roddy Piper as the special guest referee, Bret took it to Yokozuna. When all seemed lost and Yokozuna was preparing to do his patented Bonzai Drop, Bret was alert enough to see that Yoko was losing his balance so he moved. Yoko landed hard on his head and Bret covered him 1-2-3.

Title Won-WWF World Championship. At the 1995 Survivor Seried, Bret would face off with a man he had previously drawn twice with, Big Daddy Cool Diesel. Diesel had been Champion for about a year now and defeated everybody. Bret was at even greater odds since the match was No Disqualification and No countout. After taking a severe beating from the 7 ft. monster Diesel, Bret looked done. Diesel was about to jacknife Bret when he started feeling sympathy for him. That is when Bret rolled Diesel into a small package and became a 3-time world champion.

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